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The 2021 Summer School

A new data ecosystem based on a wide array of new data sources, new data providers and data analytics tools requires increased capacity among policy shapers, practitioners and key stakeholders to better understand this new data ecosystem to foster policy debate and the design of effective evidence-based policies. Besides, at the global level, both public and private sectors are facing increasing pressure to deal with the exponential growth of data production and use and its implications for data flow, data governance, data sovereignty, and data protection.

To meet these needs, the Summer School on the Challenges of Transformation and Digital Innovation in Latin America was conceived as a capacity building program to engage policymakers and ICT experts in a multistakeholder and cross-sectoral debate on the challenges of digital transformation and innovation in Latin American and other regions.

The seventh edition of the Summer School is co-organized by the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and Caribbean (ECLAC), the Development Bank of Latin America (CAF), the Regional Center for Studies on the Development of the Information Society of the Brazilian Network Information Centre (|, and the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network( I&JPN).

Program details

  • 16 November - Infrastructure & Connectivity - 10am to 1pm (GMT-3)

    • Opening remarks
    • Session 1: Perspectives and enablers for 5G and its impact on digital inclusion and innovation
      - Speaker: Lucas Gallitto (GSMA)
      - Moderator: Fernando Rojas (ECLAC)
    • Session 2: COVID-19 and broadband connectivity gaps among disadvantaged, vulnerable, and low-income socio-economic groups and remote and rural areas populations
      - Speaker: Fernando Rojas (ECLAC)
      - Moderator: Fabio Senne (|
    • First breakout session
- Links and presentations:

Lucas Gallitto: 

Fernando Rojas:

  • 23 November - Digital Transformation & Measurement - 10am to 1pm (GMT-3)

    • Session 3: Digital transformation of production processes and assets to accelerate economic recovery: the impact of disruptive digital technologies such as Big Data, IoT, robotization, Artificial Intelligence on development
      - Speaker: Agustin Diaz-Pines (European Commission); Juan Jung (Telecom Advisory Services|Universidad Pontificia Comillas ICAI-ICADE) 
      - Moderator: Eduardo Chomali (CAF)
    • Session 4: Trends in regulation and management of competition in digital service markets
      - Speaker: Ana Beatriz Rodrigues de Souza (Anatel - Brasil); Georgina Núñez (ECLAC)
      - Moderator:
      Fernando Rojas (ECLAC)
    • Session 5: Measuring the adoption of disruptive digital technologies by government, industry, and citizens: innovative methods for statistical data production
      - Speaker: Ronald Jansen (UNSD)
      - Moderator: Alexandre Barbosa (|
    • Second breakout session
- Links and presentations:

European Comission:,main%20goals%20to%20reach%20over%20the%20next%20decade%3A,main%20goals%20to%20reach%20over%20the%20next%20decade%3A
- Q&A:
- Q&A:
- Coordinated Plan on Artificial Intelligence 2021 Review: 

Juan Jung- Telecom Advisory Services | ICAI-ICADE:
- CEPAL (2021). Transformación digital de las mipymes: elementos para el diseño de políticas. 
- Telecom Advisory Services / CAF. Metodología del Índice de Desarrollo del Ecosistema Digital. 
- Katz, Callorda & Jung (2021). The impact of automation on employment and its social implications: evidence from Chile. Economics of Innovation and New Technology 

Ana Beatriz Souza - ANATEL: 
Georgina Núñez - CEPAL: 
Ronald Jansen - United Nations Statistics Division: 

  • 30 November - Data Governance & Personal Data Protection - 10am to 1pm (GMT-3)

    • Session 6: Innovative data governance frameworks and Artificial Intelligence
      - Speaker: Lorrayne Porciuncula (I&JPN); Beatriz Botero Arcila (Sciences Po)
      - Moderator: Martin Hullin (I&JPN)
    • Session 7: Trust, privacy and safety online
      - Speaker: Christian Reimsbach-Kounatze (OECD)
      - Moderator: 
      Carolina Rossini (I&JPN)
    • Third breakout and final remarks

- Links and presentations:

Beatriz Botero:
Christian Reimsbach-Kounatze: 
Lorrayne Porciuncula:

Registration and format

The 2021 Summer School will be conducted on-line through Zoom webinars at 16.Nov; 23.Nov; & 30.Nov; Tuesdays; from 10am to 1pm (GMT-3).

The webinar will be conducted by international speakers with simultaneous translation to Spanish, Portuguese and English. The Summer School will also enable a space for the exchange of experiences among participants through breakout session presentations followed by discussions.

For any specific questions regarding your participation please contact Edwin Fernando Rojas and Claudia Guerrero by email: and